Review: When You Give A Duke A Diamond by Shana Galen

When You Give a Duke a Diamond (Jewels of the Ton, #1)I’ve had Ms. Galen in my TBR forever. My TBR kept growing as I continued to add her books to my list. It wasn’t until a few weeks ago that I was looking at the paperbacks on my “new books” shelves and grabbed this one. Oh.My.God. I wanted to kick myself for not reading it sooner. This book had a little bit of everything, I found myself chuckling too many a time. Once I began reading it I couldn’t put it down. I don’t speed read, so it took me about seven hours to finish it. I absolutely loved it! And of course now, I want to read more of Shana Galen’s books.

So, let me tell you all about it. William is a perfectionist. He lives around a schedule. He wakes up at the same exact time every single day. He eats at the same exact time every single day. He leaves home, works, and does whatever it is he needs to do at the same exact time every single day. In his view everything’s perfect in his world. Boring, don’t you think? He’s engaged because how else is he supposed to have an heir? His fiancée seems just right, and he figures she won’t bother him much.

Then there comes Juliette, The Duchess of Dalliance. She’s considered one of the three famous diamonds amongst the ton. Though she rubs elbows with the best of them, the sad truth is she’s a courtesan. There isn’t a day that goes by without there being some kind of gossip in a famous column about her and her latest conquests. She’s starting to get worried because she isn’t getting any younger and she needs funds. After all her protector (who everyone in the ton believes is her lover) can’t support her forever.

She’s trying to come up with a plan when her name is associated with the Duke of Pelham, which is no good. She’s never met him. She’s only heard about him but he isn’t the kind of man who’d dally with someone like her and she has to live up to the tons’ expectations. If the man doesn’t follow along her reputation as the Courtesan of Courtesans will be ruined. Imagine that!

When rumors of their supposed affair reach William, he’s set to deny it all. Then he finally stumbles upon Juliette at a grand ball hosted by none other than Prinny himself. William tries to cut her in front of the ton, but Juliette isn’t the kind to let someone else have the last word, so she lets him have it.

Just when Juliette thinks he ruined her reputation, she witnesses the homicide of his fiancée at the ball. When William finds her he doesn’t believe a word she says and thinks she’s crazy. (This little argument was hilarious.) From this moment on, Juliette puts William’s perfect world upside down and makes him go insane until he admits having his world in the disarray she’s made isn’t such a bad thing at all.

I have a soft spot for historical/regency romances. This is one of those I want to read again because I liked it that much. No. I loved it!