Review: Wanted (Most Wanted, #1) by J. Kenner

Wanted (Most Wanted, #1)I’ve been a fan of Julie Kenner since I read “Release Me.” I always add her books to my TBR. What’s a girl to do with an author who writes fabulous stories like she does?

Evan Black is a business man with a rep. He’s been best friends with two other guys (we’ll get to read their stories later in the series) for years now. He met them through Angie’s deceased uncle, who mentored them in financials, amongst other things.
Rumor has it Evan’s dealings are not within the law’s limits but no one has been able to prove otherwise. Evan is too smart to get caught. He won’t admit or deny which of his dealings are legal or not, but he wants out of those deals that could bring him down.

He’s always been attracted to Angie but he and his other two friends promised her uncle they’d never see her as anything else other than a sister. His other two friends don’t have a problem doing so, but Evan does. Every time Angie is around his body reacts to her in a way he can’t control. He’s done his best to stay away
but the unfortunate events of her uncle’s death has brought them back together. The only problem is Angie has a boyfriend, who also happens to be an FBI agent and who is after Evan.

Angie has always been attracted to Evan and doesn’t understand why he always pushes her away. At her uncle’s funeral she finally discovers Evan is affected by her and so after she breaks up with her boyfriend, she’s determined to find out why Evan won’t touch her. She craves the man’s touch, and what will be so wrong about them just having a fling before she leaves for her new job?

She goes through a series of obstacles and discovers Evan’s big secret. Evan finally gives in, and makes it clear he won’t let her go because their “fling” was just a lie. There is so much more to them he wants them to explore.

I enjoyed this book more than I thought I would and I’m anxiously waiting for the other two stories in the series.