Using music to overcome writer’s block

Image result for musicI hate writer’s block. Who doesn’t?  Sometimes it takes so long to get past it that when I’m finally ready to pick up where I left off I have reread an entire chapter. I do it to ensure what I’ll write next fits into the story. The last thing I want is to write something I’d have to scratch later if it doesn’t tie right in with the characters and the story.

Also, let’s not confuse “writer’s block” with “laziness”, because you know we all get lazy at some point (that’s a topic for some other day).

What I found whenever I’m challenged with “writer’s block” is that if I start looking through my notes or my outline (when I have one) I find the fog in my mind starts clearing. But nothing does it better than music. If I take a step back and think of my characters. Their likes and dislikes, how they feel toward each other, what’s happened to them and how they got there. If I then look at the playlist for their story, the fog in my head clears in a snap. I have “writer’s block” no more. It’s almost as if the it only takes the right song for me to say:

This is where the story is heading.

This is what needs to happen next.

Oh, and won’t that be a nice twist.

And what if I did that. How would my heroine react.

Ooh, yeah. That’s good.

You get the idea. If my playlist doesn’t have the right song, no problem! I then search for songs that fit the mood the story is in. And what do you know? More often than not I end up finding the right song to add to my list.

Music is my secret weapon. What’s yours?