Review: Slow Seduction by Cecilia Tan

Slow Seduction (Struck by Lightning, #2)I hope everyone’s having a great holiday season! I don’t know about you but it went too quick for me. I did try to make the best use of my vacation time here and there and caught up a bit on my reading. Hey, I even found time to give this weekly post a makeover 😉 Do you like?

So, this week I read a couple of books but Slow Seduction by Cecilia Tan was… Oh my goodness! This is the second installment in her Struck by Lightning series. And oh my, did Ms. Tan deliver? In my opinion she did. I waited for this book almost a year and I’ll say it was worth the wait.

In Slow Seduction the story of Karina and James continues. If you’ve read Slow Surrender you know that things between them didn’t end that well. In fact, they didn’t end at all. There were many things unanswered and in book 2 some of them were resolved but not all. Yeah. There’s a book three to the series, which is bittersweet. Bitter because I just need to know what happens next now. Sweet because I’m looking forward to book 3.

In this installment Karina takes up a summer job at the Tate in London. There are a few reasons why she does. 1) She needs the experience. 2) She needs to be away from NY for a bit while the investigation about her harassment claims is complete. 3) She needs to find James. Karina cannot understand why he left the way he did. She doesn’t want closure. No. She wants him to tell her to her face he doesn’t love her anymore, which she whole heartedly believes James won’t be able to do because deep down he loves her.

Karina doesn’t have any money or relatives in London. When she gets there she ends up in a “hostel” where she can
barely open the door to her room, given that the bed takes up most of the space. Soon she gets situated in her new job, well her boss is someone she met back in the States, and the dear man looks out for her–at least, that’s how it seems, though later I did wonder if the reason he looks out for her is because of James.
Anyhow, soon after, she meets a couple, who happen to be friends with her roommate back in NY. Any doubts she had about taking them up on their offer to move in with them in exchange for work go out the door almost instantaneously. Karina doesn’t have many options. It’s either that or stay at the hostel. Then, she barely has a penny to her name so her response is an immediate yes.

Although things start to go well for her, she has a lot of trouble finding James. Just when she thinks there are no leads, two pop up. A package with a numeric postal code and a man she gives a late night tour at the museum. Both look good, but of the two, the man she meets at the museum and the invitation he makes her is the most promising.

The thing is, Damon’s invitation, may be much more than she can handle but she’s willing to go through with it if it means she will find James. Then a rollercoaster of things happen. Karina auditions for this “underground/secret” club. She’s admitted as a trainee, and her only condition is that none of the members have intercourse with her. But that doesn’t meant none of the members can’t play with her and her goods. Especially Damon. Gosh, that guy, I hated and I liked. He’s just devious. Karina is a challenge for him and he thrives in challenges. He is able to touch her, kiss her. He flogs her, spanks her, makes her come until she can no more, and it kills him not to be able to bury himself in her. He has hundreds of chances, but it’s all about trust.

Damon goes nearly insane until she confesses her true reason for being there and who she’s looking for. Damon promises to help her if in return she promises that if James rejects her, she’ll let Damon do with her whatever he wants for one night only. Karina accepts. She’s positive that she’d never have to come through with her promise because the moment she finds James things between them will get resolved.

Well, she does find James. He’s back to the way he was when she first met him. He doesn’t want anything to do with her (actually, he does, but he has too many demons to fight) but she won’t give up. Finally she gets the break she needs and just when things seem to be going down the right path Ms. Tan throws a curveball. One I didn’t see coming, my jaw dropped, and I thought, “What? You can’t be serious.”

And so, now the wait begins for Slow Satisfaction, which is expected to come out in the Fall of 2014!!! I’m sure I just broke some grammar rule with my extra use of ! but really it kills me to have to wait that long for the last installment.