Review: Rock the Wolfe by Karyn Gerrard

It’s been a long while since the last time I posted something about a wicked read I enjoyed. This week I’m featuring Rock the Wolfe by Karyn Gerrard. I’ve read a few of Karyn’s books, liked them all, and I’m happy to say she didn’t disappoint with this one.

In Rock the Wolfe, Kerri is a school teacher who is looking forward to a well deserved summer vacation. She’s stressed out and all she wants is peace and quiet so she can reorder her thoughts before the school year starts again. Kerri is enjoying her vacation at an old family’s home. She has all summer to recoup and get her energy back. All is going well until she catches a glimpse of a man who just so happens to like taking daily walks across from her house.Rock The Wolfe

Let me just say, Kerri enjoys THAT kind of view. So she ensures to be at her porch every day, at the time the handsome stranger walks by. After all, there isn’t anything wrong with some eye candy to relieve her stress.

What she doesn’t count on is for the stranger to be a famous rock star, or for him to notice her. And notice her he does! When the stranger walks up to her, she becomes nervous and can’t believe her luck.

Wolfe is a rock star with a rocky life. After an ugly divorce, a break-up with his band, and a breakdown, he’s in need of not only professional help but also some time alone to get his life back in order because it’s a total mess. He’s staying at his parents for a few weeks, trying to follow the doctor’s orders, and most importantly staying away from prescription drugs. He wants to be himself again, and needs to make a decision on where to go next with his career.

The one thing he doesn’t want is to be involved with anyone. He doesn’t think he’s physically or mentally fit to have any kind of relationship. See, the thing is when he crosses paths with Kerri, his dick begs to differ.

The attraction is mutual and so having a casual sex sort of relationship doesn’t seem such a bad idea after all. I mean, it’s just “casual sex” no strings attached. Yeah, right! It takes one time for Kerri to ROCK his world and vice versa.

So, I’ll leave you with this. Rock the Wolfe is a fun, fast paced, short steamy read, you’ll wish it was longer. The characters are quite funny, and you may even crave hot dogs! (You’ll have to read it so you know why I say that.) A perfect read for a Sunday afternoon I say.