Review: White Lace and Promises by Natasha Blackthorne

White Lace and PromisesGrey’s pursuit of Beth continues with White Lace and Promises.

All right, so Beth brought him down to his knees in book 1, but in book 2 Grey bared her of her heart, mind, body and soul. Even though that is the truth of their relationship, they haven’t admitted openly to each other.

In this installment, Beth tries her best to be who everyone tells her Grey needs her to be. In learning what that means, Beth goes thru a set of emotions that made me want to scream. Some of her reactions, and the way she behaves were a bit too childish in my opinion. Yet again, I can understand she is lost in her mission to become a lady, as in that mission she’s actually finding her true self.

Grey admits he loves her, but with the war knocking at their door, he’s beyond preoccupied. He wants to be with her, but her little understanding of his job, duties, and so forth, wears him down.

Yes, both Grey and Beth go thru a set of challenges and eventually find their way, and learn how to live with and love each other, so it works out.

In this installment, Beth insecurities about Grey’s intentions drove me a bit crazy. Then, how Grey acted like a jackass after they were married– as if he didn’t care about what she did, even though he did care. All in all it was a good read, but I felt like there was something missing between the main characters, then again it all worked out very nicely.