Review: The Playground

The PlaygroundOne never gets tired of Madame Eve 1NS series… all are perfect bedtime stories.

Devon is devastated at losing Shelly. She walks out on him, and there isn’t simply anyone who can fill the empty space she leaves. Devon has a really dark side, and even though he can pretty much have anyone he wants, he wants no one. He only wants Shelly, but he has no clue as to her whereabouts. Until of course he spots her in Vegas, the last place he would’ve thought she’d be at. He contracts Madame Eve’s services. He wants just one more night to make things last forever or get closure.

Shelly walks out on Devon, she simply can’t put up with his ways. Most importantly, she cannot admit submission to him. Nuh-uh, she ain’t having none of that. Then again, her problem is she likes that kinky side of him a bit too much. Yet, she isn’t going back. She contracts Madame Eve’s services, she just never expects her 1NS to be Devon.

Again, this is another perfect for bedtime story. It is a short story, but very well written. You won’t believe the “where” the improvised playground gets set up. I’d never read anything by this author, and after this I will be looking for more of her books.