Review: The Marriage Bargain

The Marriage BargainA love spell cast wrong gone right…

Nick Ryan finds himself in a pickle. Everything he’s worked for is at risk. He needs a wife and RIGHT AWAY. He’s got the looks, the means, and most importantly he’s willing and able. The catch is: He wants a woman’s commitment for a specified time, no strings attached. His bigger problem is: He’s running out of time, and out of options. Not having a wife is NOT an option. He’s got a list of the attributes his wife must have.

Alexa McKenzie has a marshmallow of a heart. She’s fun, loving, smart, cheeky, and can put up a fight quite nicely. Oh yeah…she loves strays. She also loves her family dearly and wants to help them out anyway she can. The problem is: She needs money. Her bigger problem is: There is a hole in her wallet. Throw years of celibacy on top of all that, and things are just peachy. She’s got a list of the qualities she wants in a man, and casts a spell. That is where the not so magic begins, or does it?

I don’t know what kind of love spell she cast, because Alexa’s and Nick’s list of “must have’s” couldn’t be farther apart. I mean they’re complete opposites; they’re day and night. Then again, the best love stories are just that, when opposites attract.

They both have secrets they keep from each other, as well as walls built around their precious little hearts. Their quarrels are total turn ons, really hard to turn off. Come on, in some instances I thought: “all right, now he’s really gonna”, “huh? she said what?”, “oooh, he’s a bad boy…”, “you go girl, you got him good”. I skipped dinner so I could finish this book, it was that good.

Denying love is denying the chance to live, and let yourself be loved… Nick and Alexa let fate do what it will with them.