Review: The Marquess Who Loved Me by Sara Ramsey

I love a good historical and this one was great!

In this third installment of the Muses of Mayfair series, Sara Ramsey introduces her readers to the life of Ellie Claiborne (a fiery heroine the way I like them) and Nicholas Claiborne (an irresistible bad boy).

Ellie is a merry widow and she’s gone on about her life any way that pleases her. She doesn’t care whatever the rules are, and were she not the way she is, she’d be an outcast. But, no. Not this Ellie. The ton gasps at her antics but there is just so much to her that they prefer to accept whatever she does than miss the fun– because, Ellie KNOWS how to have fun. The thing is, that is only a facade.

She’s brokenhearted and no matter what she does, the one man she once loved won’t hear of her.

Nicholas is a bad boy who’s about to have his vengeance on the one woman who broke his heart. Ellie. Nick has plans for her, thinking he’d make her regret breaking his heart to tiny pieces. He’s back, and he’s ready to take back what is his. His claim includes her, whether she wants it or not.

The Marquess Who Loved Me (Muses of Mayfair, #3)There is a thin line between love and hate. Both Ellie and Nick think they hate each other, but it doesn’t take them long to realize the dislike they think they feel for each other, truly is love.

What more can I say? Sara gives her readers: a good story, VERY likable characters, a little bit of fun, a dash of suspense, and…um, yes…she gives steam to her pages.

I am looking forward to the next book in the series as I’m sure it’d be as awesome as this one.