Review: The Hero Sandwich

Where do I start with this review? Hmmmm… for starters I had a lot of fun reading this book. The title gave me a laugh, and then the story was great.

Connie and Nicci have been best friends forever. They’ve been there for each other throughout the good and the bad times. And their love lives, well… for Nicci it was great at one point, for Connie not so much. Nicci can’t get over her husband. She can’t imagine there being someone else out there for her. Now, Connie on the other side, she likes to have fun and wants Nicci to do the same. Finally Connie talks Nicci into a “one night only” kind of adventure. Nicci is not too sure about it but gives in at the end.

Barrett is at a bar going over his options given that as of that day he’s “in between jobs”. But the one reason he’s really there, is so he can pick up someone. He wants a night of sex, no strings attached. When Connie and Nicci present him with their proposal, Barrett thinks what’s there to lose? He went to the bar for ONE and he’s leaving the bar with a Two for One deal. The thing is, he never expects to fall under the spell of one of the women and then the Two-for-One-One-Night-Only deal doesn’t seem like a deal at all. For one, he no longer wants two-for-one. Then two, he wants more than one night.

I had a lot of fun with this book. It’s funny, it’s naughty, the hero is yummy, the two friends are…I don’t know, they’re just really BFFs. And the title, well, I can’t get over it. Every time I read it, I chuckle. Anyone looking for a quick naughty read, this is a nice one to get.