Review: Taming an Impossible Rogue by Suzanne Enoch


This was another enjoyable read by Suzanne Enoch. Not sure why, but I found myself enjoying this installment much more than I did the first book in the series.

Camille is the runaway bride. A year ago she set foot at the church, and one look at her fiance was all she needed to turn around and run away as fast as she could. After her family and friends turned their backs on her she seeked employment at The Tantalous Club, and she’s now content with the new life she created for herself.

Keating needs money and fast and so he accepts the deal his cousin makes with him. All he has to do is convince Camille to marry her fiance, and then he gets his money, solves his problems and everyone is happy. So he goes about his mission just as he planned until he sets eyes on Camille, then things change. Keating still needs the money, but meeting Camille is a total game changer for him.

This installment was a bit different to Suzanne’s other books. Keating is not the wealthy hero I’m used to reading, he’s not poor either. He’s just a regular man who works hard for his money and doesn’t have buckets of it to throw away. I actually thought that was a nice change, but I still like my wealthy heroes.

Overall this was a very fun, charming read. I enjoyed it a lot more than I did the first installment and I am really looking forward to book number three in the series.