Review: Taken by the Prince by Christina Dodd

Taken by the PrinceA fairy tale like only Christina Dodd can tell.

Raul, otherwise known as Saber, is a Prince. No… not that kind of Prince. He is an impoverished Prince. Oh but poverty only lasts until his biological father, who happens to be a Viscount, decides to relocate his illegitimate to England, where he lives.

Saber despises his father just as much as the man despises him. Yet, Raul’s got no other option than to make the best of his time in England– after all, he recognizes he can learn things he can put to use when he’s ready to reclaim his throne.

Then, there is Victoria Cardiff. Oh how the mighty have fallen! Well, not really. She’s best friends with Saber’s sisters. Victoria is that impoverished acquaintance to their family. She’s got no dowry, and is convinced marriage is not for her, not that she has any aspirations about any respectable man looking her way, but still. She’s made up her mind to become a governess, save some money, so she can later retire to the country where she can live quietly.

Victoria has it all planned out, and the one night she decides to let a little loose, have some fun, Saber steals a kiss. She never sees him again. She leaves all in the past, she moves on. The one thing she doesn’t count on is that Saber never forgot her or the stolen kiss for that matter, and when their paths cross again… well all comes back in a flash, and she’s taken by the Prince she never before believed he was. Uh-huh!

This was a fun story, overall. It is very fairy tale like in my opinion. Yes, Victoria is pretty much Cinderella to her Prince.