Review: Succubus Steam


ItSuccubus Steam (The Succubus Chronicles) doesn’t get anymore steam-punk than this.

Lila Shaw gives her readers a short fun read, filled with steam, one drop dead gorgeous man, an automaton and a woman who’s a nerd.

Do I have your attention?

Violet inherits her great uncle’s laboratory, which to her is the same as if she would’ve inherited millions. Yes, she’s that kind of a nerd. She has a thing for gorgeous as sin Lyle, but being isn’t an option. Once was enough, and no matter how much she wishes to be with him, just knowing
what will happen to her leaves her no choice than to create the next best thing. That’s where Adam comes into play.

She creates her dream man. She gives it the voice she likes, then trains him to say the right things, to do what she enjoys without question, pleasuring her in bed.

Violet is having a great time until Lyle discover her wicked invention. Then, he wants in. It just so happens he’s never been able to forget about Violet and is well aware of the reasons she isn’t with him. Adam, her invention, might just be the fix they both need so they are never apart again.

Oh my! Be ware…this is an M/F/M story. It’s a pretty short enjoyable read.