Review: Slow Satisfaction by Cecilia Tan

Slow Satisfaction (Struck by Lightning, #3)I’ve been following these series since Slow Surrender (book 1) first came out. I fell in love with James and Karina and waited months for Slow Seduction (book 2) to come out, then waited months again for Slow Satisfaction (book 3). So when I saw it on NetGalley about a week ago I quickly requested and put it at the top of my list. To say I was anxious to know how James and Karina would resolve their issues and finally get together would be an understatement.

Well … I am quite disappointed. 🙁 Slow Surrender (book 1) set my expectations way high and left me on a cliffhanger that made me want to scream. Then in Slow Seduction (book 2) nothing got resolved other than Karina found James at an exclusive BDSM club in London and then discovered his deception and part of the reason why he got scared and ran away from her in book 1. Then, in Slow Seduction I almost fell in love with Damon. Throughout the book I kept thinking, gee is Karina going to sleep with him and forget about James? I mean, Damon did do a LOT of naughty things to her. I swore they’d just end up together but they didn’t. At the end of Slow Seduction Karina is the one who runs away because she’s pissed off at James and what he did (he was testing her with Damon). Her running away was the wake up call James needed to realize if he didn’t do anything then he’d lose her.

Slow Satisfaction (Struck by Lightning, #3)So here I was … waiting on Slow Satisfaction.

It didn’t satisfy me. Not the way I thought it would. Do note this is not a negative review. I guess I just expected more of book 3. I thought it’d leave me as wow’d as book 1 did.

In Slow Satisfaction, Karina returns from London. Her mom had an accident and is now hospitalized. James continues to text Karina asking for forgiveness and to give him one more chance. Karina has a weak spot for him, and it doesn’t take her long to give in. James flies to the States from London, they have a chat … all right, this scene was hot. Karina tops James! The one thing I did question is how or who tied up James in all his naked glory to the chair where he sat waiting for Karina?

Anyway … James and Karina (after really hot makeup sex) talk things through and make a deal to exchange sex/pleasure for questions about each other’s pasts. They want no secrets between them–after all it’s what set them apart before. As the story continues, all the outstanding questions from the previous two books are answered. At the same time they’re still dealing with Ferrara, who wants James at no cost for two reasons: sex and money.

Unable to get rid off Ferrara, James talks Karina into auditioning for his last tour in Las Vegas. She’d be the principal dancer, and they both hope that once that show is over they’d be able to move on with their lives. Well, Ferrara is a Pandora box. The woman comes up with so many things, I was ready to strangle her. She accuses James of raping groupies, and tries to subdue him into doing what she wants by sending sex videos to fan sites. The videos turn out to be role play scenes, obviously–James couldn’t be a rapist. Then James finds a way to make this work to his advantage, and it only enrages Ferrara further. So much, she talks Pascual (a James’ look alike) to rape Karina during the cover reveal event. OMGosh! I was infuriated when I got to that part of the book. Karina is helpless, because James had tied her up and then this guy comes up behind her. It was past midnight when I was reading this, and I was all: “No. Do something. Where’s James? James come back now!”

I was able to catch my breath again when Pascual steps back and helps Karina instead. Then all Ferrara’s lies come to light. Everyone goes on their merry way and live happily ever after.

I was so invested in these series, I wanted to see more at the end. After all that Ferrara did, couldn’t James have pressed charges? Come on, she had someone almost force himself on Karina! Then Ferrara gets off so easy? What about Pascual? How could James not do anything, forgive him for what he tried to do to Karina? And then, that same night, after all that chaos, almost rape, James and Karina go on with the show as if nothing happened? And whatever happened to Renault (the disgusting old professor)? He lost his job at the university, but shouldn’t he have faced the law after what he did to his women students?

Okay … I’ll stop now. I’ll finish by saying, regardless of how some of the twists made me feel, this is still a good book. Cecilia Tan has a way to seduce you into her stories that no matter what you can’t put her books down because she’s that great of a story teller.