Review: Second Chances

Second ChancesA sweet romance…

Luke is a powerful attorney who comes from old money. Yes, he’s rich. But no money, and no career success will ever make up for the loss of Brenna. She was the one. Unfortunately bad things happened, and neither one of the two was mature enough to fight for their love so they moved on.

Brenna is the opposite of Luke, he’s a society kind of guy, she isn’t. Her family… well, let’s just say they’re nothing like Luke’s either. She’s known Luke since their College years, they were friends before they were lovers and everything was great until the day her Dad decided to play with the law. Then all went downhill.

Now Brenna is back, and she swears her stay is temporary. It doesn’t take Luke long to know she’s back, and his plan this time is never let her go. Brenna puts up some resistance but can’t resist Luke’s charm.

Overall, I thought this was a really sweet romance. Luke and Brenna were always meant to be together, they loved each other, and no matter the distance or how long they were apart, they never let go of the love they felt. Being back in the same place only proved to them they should’ve never parted ways.

Anyone looking for a sweet romance, this is just the story.