Review: Risking It All by Jennifer Schmidt

Risking It All
*sigh* Best Friends Forever to Lovers….

In college, Kennedy makes it clear to Memphis she will not sleep with him. In return, he offers to be her friend. What starts as a simple friendship becomes a 12 year best friends forever relationship.

Kennedy dates, Memphis dates, they see each other every time they get a chance. If they don’t see each other, they text, they call, they mail, etc. Nothing can set them apart.

Kennedy is in a relationship of two years with Dr. Brooks. He’s handsome and has everything going for him, the only problem is Kennedy is not anywhere in his list of priorities. Yet, Kennedy thinks she still loves him and puts up with him.

Memphis is not in any relationship. His relationships last no longer than two weeks before he moves on to the next woman he wants to bed. He does not like Brooks. He can’t accept that Kennedy is not a priority for Brooks, and doesn’t waste an opportunity to tell Kennedy she can do better.

The thing is, every time Kennedy dates someone, Memphis always finds a flaw and a good reason why she can do better.

Kennedy wants to travel but she can’t really afford it, so Memphis works out a “deal” for some photographs he has to take, and invites Kennedy to come with him to Alaska. He leaves out the “minor” detail about the resort being a romantic getaway.

Kennedy leaves with Memphis without second thoughts after the big fight she has with Brooks. Come on, Brooks turned out MIA at her very first art gallery show. She can’t forgive him, and Memphis doesn’t waste time to add a little wood to the fire, if you ask me.

Now put together 12 years of longing, an irreversable kiss, one cabin, one bedroom… helloooo??

Overall I really enjoyed this story. I debated whether it was a 4 vs 5 stars, it was that hard to decide. Yes, eventually I will read it again. Memphis is that guy one can’t ever forget. He’s an Alpha, he’s a bad boy, a biker, a photographer, a sweetheart… gods, I can go on and on. I LOVED him!!!

Now, Kennedy…she was alright. She did get on my nerves with all the freaking tears. Sheesh, this woman cried for everything. It got better towards the end.

I know other readers were a bit annoyed by her not making a decision to choose between Brooks and Kennedy, but that didn’t really bother me. I understood why that was a hard choice for her. Again, for me it was all those tears that had me going.

Last, the only other thing that kind of got me was although the book is written in third person, the point of view was always Kennedy’s. I think this is the reason why the book turned out a 4 stars for me. Since this was a third person point of view I’d expected to see Memphis’ point of view, I would’ve LOVED to see that, but it never came.

Ooh and let me not forget, the sex scenes were hawt. There’s one in the bathroom of the restaurant where Kennedy is supposed to be having dinner with Brooks, but Memphis happens to be there with someone else… oh my, oh my, my favorite line is when Memphis says: “Mine”. *fans self*