Review: Reunited by Sabrina Sol


This was another Madame Eve’s magical 1Night Stands but with a little latin spice, and I thought that was a nice twist.

Magdelena has always had a crush on Will and just when she thought he’d finally see how beautiful she’d turned out, some other girl took him from her. The good news is he’s now back in a single status and looking to get laid. Will’s sworn he’d never do the relationship thing ever again. One failed marriage, and one failed relationship after that was enough for him. Plus, he doesn’t have the time. He’s too busy working.

Magdelena doesn’t miss the opportunity. It is now or never to have a taste of the man that’s been living in her dreams, for like, ever. And it’s not like he knows what she looks like now or like he’d ever recognize her the moment she walks through that suite’s door.

Oh no, she plans to have him all night. Get rid of that itch and move on. After all, it’s not like he wants anymore out of their one night stand than she does. Yeah right!

This was too short a read and I wanted more by the time it ended. But I can’t complain because that’s the theme with Madame Eve’s stories. Regardless of it being short, it was very entertaining and filled with latin spice, which I liked very much. Like I always say with Madame Eve’s 1Night Stand stories, this is another “perfect for bedtime” story.

This is Sabrina Sol’s debut and I am looking forward to seeing more works by her.