Review: Passion Next Door by Cara Carnes


This makes for a good short erotic read and I wouldn’t recommend it if you like at least a bit of romance. This short read doesn’t have any romance, it is purely erotic.

Passion Next Door (The Pleasure Brigade, #1)Once a month, Autumn gets off by listening to her next door neighbor as he has what sounds out-of-this-world-sex with a different woman every time. She doesn’t talk to him and thinks he’s never even seen her. Gosh, how she’s so wrong on that. It turns out her neighbor knows exactly who she is and what she does, and this one time he’s had it. Kade knows what she’s up to and shows up at her place. He lets her know, he knows and has a proposition for her that Autumn just can’t resist.

Overall, I thought this was a good read; however, it was too short. I wished there’d been more to the story. Then again, anyone looking for a short bed time read, this would be perfect.