Review: One Night with a Hero

I always enjoy Laura Kaye’s books, especially her heroes. I mean, who doesn’t? One Night with a Hero was no different.

Brady won’t consider marriage or kids not even in his dreams, not after the way he grew up with an abusive parent. Of course life wasn’t always like that for Brady and his sister, unfortunately that’s what he remembers. He has many internal demons to fight and things to settle. He’s upset that in order for him to move on not only in his personal life but professionally as well, he needs to “try” to make peace with his dad, and that right there will take no less than a miracle. While he decides what to do about his relationship with his dad, Brady figures why not have some bit of fun with Joss. The woman he just met, after all what’s the harm in living the moment? Yeah right, think again.

Joss is not better off than Brady. She didn’t live with an abusive parent but she didn’t really have one growing up anyway. Contrary to Brady, she wants to marry and have kids. She hopes that some day her dream comes true. Then when she least expects it, she meets Brady and one thing leads to another then another, and so she offers him a “one night only” affair. It’s not like she’ll ever see the handsome stranger ever again or as if she’ll get pregnant. Right? Ha!

This is a complete opposites attract trope that will leave you wanting for more. Laura Kaye does that to you.