Review: Nothing Stays In Vegas

Nothing Stays In VegasLexi as the good friend she is, she joins her friend Nicole on a Vegas trip to celebrate her birthday. Lexi is a bit heartbroken, her marriage is in shambles. How can something that felt so right at one point, turn so wrong? Well, perhaps things can go back to what they were, if she changes her mind to what she always thought she wanted. But she’s determined she won’t, so that’s too bad. She is in Vegas, she wants to have some fun, but she knows what her limits are and there is no way she’d exceed them. Uh huh, that is what she thinks anyway until she meets Leo.

Leo is a sweetheart. He’s not your rich kind of guy. He works at the hotel Lexi is staying at. He hooks her up with a couple of VIP passes for a night of fun at a club. He doesn’t see a ring on Lexi, nonetheless he wants to know whether she’s taken or available. He really likes her. He never gets himself involved with any of the guests, but Lexi changes his mind. Now he just needs to change hers.

Predictable? Yes. Sad? A bit. Secret baby? Yes. I’m not much for secret babies in books but this one played out ok. Overall this was a really sweet story.