Review: No Reservations by Lilly Cain


This was a good and short sexy read.

Travis knows Alicia since college, and it’s been years since the last time he crossed paths with her. He is really stressed out and is looking forward to seeing his friends over the weekend, well that is if he can find a flight. It just so happens everything is booked, and no matter his demands or bribes for that matter, it doesn’t look like he is going anywhere.

Alicia gets on the phone to deal with the customer demanding to speak with the boss, and is surprised when she realizes the customer is none other than Travis. She doesn’t miss this new opportunity to get even with him. The one thing she doesn’t expect is that getting even, can mean falling in love too.

I really enjoyed this short story. It’s an enemies-to-lovers, with steamy scenes and some fun dialogue.No Reservations