Review: My Hunger by Lisa Renee Jones

My Hunger (Inside Out, #3.4)I’m really not sure how I feel about Mark and Crystal. I want Rebecca back! I do. But I guess as much as I hate to admit it she truly is dead. It’s just her journals describing her relationship with Mark make me hopeful that Ava didn’t really get to her. Then again the more I read the books in the series the less hopeful I become at thinking Rebecca may still be alive.

My Hunger (Inside Out, #3.2)In this installment Lisa Renee Jones gives us the story from Mark’s POV. With everything that’s happened in a short amount of time Mark is not only disconcerted but he’s been having a lot of “What the fuck?” moments. Nothing he does seems to work. He covers one thing then another pops up. To top it all of his mom has stage 3 cancer and had an emergency surgery. The lady is a fighter but Mark knows she’s not well and that kills him. The media won’t leave him or his gallery alone, what with the scandal of the art counterfeit and the disappearance or really at this point murder of his ex-lover, who he regrets doing what he did to her and not giving her what she wanted most of him. Let me just say, he’s going crazy. The pressure is so much that Crystal with her non-submission attitude throws him further off balance. He doesn’t want to be with her but something pulls him to her. She’s the complete opposite of what he likes. Then again given his situation he needs all the help he can get so he can focus on what’s most important to him.

This is a super short installment. I read it in one setting. What I like about this and I’m also seeing it in No In Between (the continuation of Chris and Sara’s story) is that even though Mark pretends to care about only what happens to him, and making sure he doesn’t end up in jail, he CARES for Chris and Sara. The things he does, the way he thinks, to ensure everyone who’s not guilty stays in the clear makes me grin. He’s this tough/dominant guy, who takes no for an answer, yet he has a softy side. It’s almost comical to see Chris reciprocate the feeling. If you’ve read it then you know what I mean. If you haven’t, you must. Stay tune for my review of No In Between. So far I’m enjoying it a lot.