Review: How to Dance with a Duke

How to Dance with a Duke (Ugly Ducklings, #1)

The Ugly Ducklings are in fact Swans. Only those with attention to detail and appreciation for something other than looks, can see behind their facade.

Cecily has a passion for Egyptian antiquities. She has an amazing ability for deciphering hieroglyphics. Her life’s dream to go on an archeological expedition almost became true once; however, her dream was shattered when her fiance jilted her.

Lucas becomes a Duke by default. He’s a decorated war hero and the last thing on his mind is getting leg shackled.

Tragedy strikes. Lucas’ brother goes missing in one of the expeditions. Cecily’s father suffers a stroke. The only two that know the truth about the events of their last expedition can’t talk. This leaves Lucas and Cecily to solve the mess of the puzzle surrounding them.

Cecily devices a plan to gain entry to the Egyptian club. Lucas agrees to help her, his agreement only holds true until he discovers he’s falling for her. The sentiment goes both ways. Cecily feels the same attraction towards Lucas but she doesn’t want to go thru yet another heartbreak; she had enough with the first one, so the walls around her heart grow taller.

I really enjoyed reading this book. The characters personalities were very well defined. The story had a good pace and never stalled. The dialogue between Cecily and Lucas was great. It had the right amount of heat. The mystery surrounding them was awesome; it made me jump and cover my mouth, when the truth about Will comes to light (if you’ve ready it, you know what I mean). I thought that discovery was short of ingenious, and a great visual.

Last, Manda Collins’ writing style reminds me of one of my favorite authors; Stephanie Laurens’ (and that’s a compliment). Anyone who’s read Stephanie’s books and loves them, would love Manda’s as well. Needless to say, I’ll be on the look out for How to Romance a Rake.