Review: Her Forbidden Hero

Her Forbidden HeroLaura Kaye keeps raising the bar… oh yes she is!

Marco is a drop dead gorgeous tortured hero. As if that weren’t enough he can sing and play the guitar. Imagine that! How lucky for the heroine. After an unfortunate event he’s back at the place he’s lived his whole life. He tries hard to put his life back together, and hopes one day to recover– but the demons in his nightmares won’t let him be at peace.

He is almost resigned and accepted those demons may never leave him alone. Then out of nowhere, Alyssa, his best friend’s little sister, who also happens to be his friend shows up at the place where he least expects it. Talk about fate pulling a trick on you such as that. Um, yeah… and Alyssa is not the little girl he remembers. She’s a grown woman now. Uh huh… he fights with his inner-self, he wants to see her as what she’s always been, “his best friend’s little sister”, but other parts of him rebel at that. This was SO good, I tell you.

Alyssa is all grown up and her confidence level is sky rocketing. She has two plans, and plan A is going back to her childhood place. Her plan includes Marco (except he doesn’t know it). He’s the man she’s always loved, and unfortunately nothing’s ever come out of it. She doesn’t have high hopes that anything will this time, but losing her hope is out of the question. She is on a quest.

Marco wants to help Alyssa, she doesn’t want his help. (Yes, she’s very independent, even if it means she has to eat air. You’ll know what I mean when you read it.) Alyssa wants to help Marco, and he tosses it back at her. (Oh, at this one, I wanted to scream at Marco, and tell him “what is wrong with you?” There was one part where I wanted to shake sense into him, and say “what’s your heart telling you? Don’t be a jerk!”)

It’s a battle of wills, and what battle that is. At times I thought: “grrr Marco, just do it! What are you waiting for?”

Each of them knows what’s right, but that doesn’t mean that “right” is “right”, or that “two wrongs” make one “right”.

Oh and the end… um yeah… well you are just going to have to read it for yourself.

Dear Laura,

I think now I know the secret as to why your books are more than just AWESOME (I need to come up with a new word). Your heroes are simply IRRESISTIBLE. Your heroines ROCK. And the conflict, is a rollercoaster ride, where at the end I find myself thinking, “let’s do it again!”.