Review: Grill Me, Baby

Grill Me, BabyOne hot latin chef + one feisty red haired chef = recipe for ever after.

Paolo is not your regular chef, he is the magnificent chef (this made me chuckle) as he calls himself. He really is the chef of chefs, his cuisine is to die for, and he caters to the elite. He is not into low calories food, what he calls low cal food is quite funny. He enters a food show competition and is very confident he’ll win (his ego is as big as… well, he can be a pain). He has everything planned to the last detail, including how he’s going to get rid off his competition. Of course that is true until he lays eyes on her. Then, he realizes his plan may be flawed.

Michaela is a pretty darn good chef, but her approach to it, including her delicious food, is completely the opposite of Paolo’s. She is competing against him in the food network show. She believes she can beat him at his own game, except his charm is just too much– and all women are enchanted by him, even she is. Regardless, she’s determined to win no matter what, and not to fall under his spell. That last proves almost impossible.

As the two of them work together for the taping, the undeniable attraction grows. Yes, they pull tricks on each other, especially Paolo. Soon is not about the cuisine anymore, but about the feelings for each other. Oh don’t get me wrong, the competition for winning the show is still on, but winning the show alone is not enough. Paolo wants to win over Michaela’s heart too. The trouble is, Michaela has her eyes set on the prize, and that is winning the show. Yes, she likes Paolo a lot, but she won’t give in easily.

It doesn’t take them long to realize they’re playing with fire. The game is on, and the winner takes all and some.

Overall, this was a pretty fun read. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself learning a bit of Spanish as you read it. There is quite a bit of comedy in it, a bit of drama and tragedy, and lots of love
(aawww moments) all around.

This makes for a good summer read at the beach.