Review: Grey’s Lady by Natasha Blackthorne

Grey's LadyBeth doesn’t believe in love, and Joshua is to blame for it. Ever since he shattered her heart and hopes, she made it her mission never ever again let a man fool her.

The way in which she avenges her misfortune is quite shocking. She picks and chooses wealthy, handsome men to seduce, and she succeeds every time. A combination of her beauty, charm, and tricks (no lady would even imagine to entertain) brings all men down to their knees. It is not just what she does to and with them in her seduction, but her trick to make them go almost insane is that she only sleeps with them once. Well, and she doesn’t even sleep with them. It seems she just rides in their carriage. It always works the way she wants it until she meets Grey.

Grey, like Beth, doesn’t believe in love. In fact, he’s sworn never to marry again. He is a busy business man, and all he cares about is expanding his business. He has a couple of mistresses that keep him entertained whenever he’s in the mood. But when he crosses paths with Beth, and has the mind blowing carriage ride of his life, the man goes almost crazy. The trick is convincing Beth to see him a second, a third, a fourth, and more times– which, she isn’t willing to do. He proposes she be his mistress, only for Beth to throw his proposal back at him.

The way in which the story starts is very steamy, and it grabbed my attention. I liked the way the characters challenge each other, and even themselves.

They, each, want to posses the other’s mind, body and soul. The problem is that in their way to each other’s seduction, while trying to give the other an unforgettable experience, they both forget their original intentions, and give into sensations.

Beth brings Grey to his knees just like she’s done with her other lovers, but Grey bares her heart, mind, body and soul.

Book 1 is only the beginning to their story.