Review: My Girl by Jack Jordan

This was a page turner that had me glued to it until I finished reading it.

Everything that could possibly go wrong has gone wrong in Paige’s life. Her daughter was murdered–or so she thinks, her husband committed suicide, and she’s hooked on wine and meds. Her heartache is eating her inside out, so much Paige isn’t above trading sex for additional prescription drugs.

Life is passing her by and she keeps swearing to her dad and mother-in-law that she’ll change. But the truth is she doesn’t have the energy nor the will. It’s been 10 years since her daughter’s kidnapping and murder, and she’s her room untouched. Paige hasn’t ever let go even though the case went cold and was closed. She also won’t forgive her husband for taking his own life.

She knows she needs help but she doesn’t want to get it. When things begin to disappear in her house she thinks she’s going crazy but then determines someone’s trying to make her go nuts, the thing is she doesn’t know who. She suspects it is her mother-in-law, but it turns out the person she least suspects is the culprit of the pain she’s lived through the past 10 years.

Her brother has a sick obsession with her. There are things from her teen years she doesn’t remember because doctors worked hard to put a block on her memory. And when she discovers her brother’s deception everything comes back to her in a flash.

I think my favorite scene in this is when her house burns down. She’s so messed up both emotionally and physically that her first thought is about the sex had in exchange for the pills that she lost in the fire. What a cynic! I chuckled at that.

Then a gasp escaped me when the truth about her brother is revealed. That was a major plot twist and SICKENING. How could he? How dared he?

This was a pretty good read. I don’t know what I expected when I got the book, but I’m glad I got to read it.