Review: Dark Without You by Sue Lyndon

Dark Without YouAlice is one semester shy of graduating college. She’s home for a few weeks when she receives a desperate (if you could call it that) call from her brother who manages a band that’s just had its break. He talks her into joining him and the guys for the rest of the tour, and he’s clear that he needs her to keep Andy in check. Alice accepts without second thougt. She’s had a crush on Andy since she was a kid and hasn’t seen him in a long time, plus she thinks it’d be a good thing to go away and have fun for a couple of weeks.

Andy is bummed the groupie he’d hooked up with left him. But that’s not all of his problems; a lot has changed, he has other goals and he wants to quit the band. Well, well, well, that certainly changes when Alice, his crush from the past, walks into his life again; and she’s not the little girl he remembers. In the past, Andy always talked himself into why he couldn’t date her…um yes, she was underage. But now, that isn’t the case and he is free to act because he isn’t going to let her go.
Overall, this was an entertainingly hot read. It’s short, sweet, and sexy. Andy is into a bit of kinkyness, you know the kind… Alice isn’t, well she’s never tried that kind of kinky anyway, yet she isn’t afraid to try, and when she does, she LIKES it. Come on, she even looks forward to the weekly maintenance spankings!