Review: Dare to Submit by Carly Phillips

Dare to Submit (Dare to Love, #4)This is book 4 in the Dare series! ARC courtesy of publisher via NetGalley.

Wow, so Decklan isn’t the kind of man I thought he’d be after reading Gabe’s story. I don’t know. For some reason I never imagined Decklan being in the BDSM scene, and I was sooo wrong. OMGosh!

Decklan’s been seeing Amanda frequent the club but he never approaches her. She comes once or twice a month, and always, always has different partners. What’s even more interesting about her is she doesn’t actually have sex with any of them.

Dare to Submit (Dare to Love, #4)Decklan tries to stay away because he knows if he does a scene with her, it’d take just that one time for him to want more, and he doesn’t want more. He can’t give more. But his luck would have it that she’s at the club that night and doesn’t look at ease with the dom she’s partnered with. There’s a bit of struggle and guess what? Decklan comes to the rescue.

Amanda has always been aware of Decklan and so when he rescues her from the dom who wants her to bend her rule and let him f*ck her, she’s both relieved and surprised. And when Decklan asks her to leave with him, despite her better judgment she agrees. Of course, she agrees after her geek of a best friend, Brad, runs a quick check on Decklan and confirms he’s clean.

The one night they both share rocks their world. Decklan isn’t surprise because it only confirmed what he already knew. The problem is Amanda is gone. He could always look her up on the police database but he doesn’t feel right doing so. So, he waits. He waits in the hope that eventually he’ll forget her. But that proves almost impossible.

Amanda doesn’t want to go back to the club because Decklan will be there and she can’t risk Brad’s secret. Brad talks her out of it and next thing she knows, she’s at the club. Decklan takes her to his place and from there on they begin their affair.

Their affair starts as no strings attached, but deep down they know they’re only lying to themselves because there is more between them. Decklan wants to go all out and in but doesn’t want to scare her so he takes his time. Amanda is troubled because being with Decklan means she has to out Brad, and doing so has terrible consequences.

Both Brad and Amanda have carried their lie for far too long, and if Brad doesn’t act soon, they both will lose the persons that mean most in their lives. The thing is when they finally decide to tell the truth all hell breaks loose.

Dare to Submit was a bit of a rollercoaster, and I loved it. Decklan can be so naughty. Amanda kept Decklan on his toes. I guess what I liked more about him was that he didn’t go all bat shit crazy like other heroes tend to do when they get jealous–but he was a bit mean, though he apologized afterward.

Gods, I’m loving Carly Phillips Dare men and women. Now, I’m waiting for Olivia’s story. I think hers is next.

Have you read the Dare series? If so, which one is your favorite?