Review: Brooke’s Wish by Sandra Bunino


Brooke’s Wish is the wicked side from Sandra Bunino I hadn’t seen.

Brooke is on her way to NYC for some well deserved time off, away from her day-to-day busy life. She no longer has a boyfriend but she’s not brokenhearted, it’s not like the guy was even worth keeping. She’s actually relieved things are over. She’s ready for a new start, and what a better way than to pamper herself.

Brooke is SO looking forward to her weekend away. She can already see herself in the spa enjoying a massage. There’s a spa all right, but the massage she’s planning for is not exactly what she’ll get. When Brooke realizes her friend set her up for a weekend of dark pleasures, Brooke wants nothing more than to wring her friend’s neck, but the dark pleasures SRE has to offer are too tempting to ignore.

Brooke's Wish

Then, there is Ty. A man with the sexiest southern drawl. And let me not forget Jax. Mmm… his chocolate skin is as delicious as chocolate itself. Ty and Jax are close friends, and when I mean close, I mean “close”, as in they “share”. Do I have your attention?

Brooke happens to befriend them and has second thoughts about SRE. It may actually BE the best place she’s ever been at.

This is a wickedly steamy read. Sandra Bunino surprised me with Brooke’s Wish to say the least, and I more than enjoyed it.