Review: Always a Bridesmaid

Always a BridesmaidA cute and sweet story…

Stephanie has had it when it comes to relationships. She’s decided her time is better spent going back to school, getting her Masters, gaining experience outside of her dad’s company. Between work, and school, she simply has no time for any kind of relationship, whether a fling or long lasting. Truth be told, she doesn’t want to bother with going thru the emotions of meeting a guy, getting to know him, figuring out whether things may or may not work. At least, this is what she thinks until she meets Mike, her new landlord.

Mike, just like Stephanie, wants no attachments of any kind with anyone. He’s open to flings, but runs the other way (yes, he can be a jerk) when things start to get serious with his conquests. His excuse for having friends with benefits is that he doesn’t want to hurt his son… that’s a lame excuse if you ask me, but you know how guys are if you let them, ha!

All isn’t perfect on either Stephanie’s or Mike’s lives, but they want it to be. Why? Because they want to pretend the attraction they feel for each other is not there. They want to pretend everything is great and that they don’t need to give into temptation as temptation may rock their world, and put their lives upside down. And guess what? Temptation is too daring and hard to ignore.

Overall, this was a cute and sweet read. In my opinion there might’ve been room for more development in the “bedroom” scenes. The story talks about the “great sex”, but I thought to make it “great” more should’ve happened behind closed doors. For me, whenever a character thinks things such as: “sex is great, s/he is a great lover”, I expect to read the details of what makes him/her a great lover, not just read what the recipient thought of their time together. However, I don’t want to short-change the story, as overall it was pretty good.