Review: All’s Fair in Love and War

All's Fair in Love and WarA romantic comedy about the thin line between love and hate.

Shelby is an accountant who’s really upset (make that ‘pissed off’) at the review Colin gives her. She can’t believe the guy basically shredded her, and called her short of incompetent. Well, guess what? She ain’t having it. She calls him out on it, and lets him have it or tries anyway. Her problem is that her knees go weak every time she looks at him, all thought leaves her. She really hates his guts, she hates even more that he’s freaking gorgeous, and she hates herself for admitting it. Her way of retaliating is being mean (a bitch) every time she can, oh but she’s already lost her battle let me tell ya!

Colin is a senior accountant and hates having to work with Shelby. The woman can’t concentrate, makes the wrong assumptions, and still has the nerve to challenge him, as if! He can’t wait until his assignment is over so he can move on to the next client, and hopefully without her. The thing is, while he hates her guts he actually likes her and tries hard to be tough, look the other way, but keeping his dick in check is a whole other story.

As destiny only would have it, it turns out they’ll be connected for life thru family. Colin’s sister is marrying Shelby’s brother!!! How’s that for a turn of events?? Uh huh, destiny can be a bitch sometimes, no? If Shelby and Colin think they are at war over work, think again!!! This is where the real war begins.

I laughed and aaww’d at times, the dialogue was quite witty and the sex was hot. What more could I ask for in a romantic comedy?