Review: All I Want for Christmas is a Duke


All I Want For Christmas Is A DukeHave a Duke for Christmas, would you?

There are two fun historical Christmas romances in this book.

Story 1 – Lady Jane gives up her life to pursue her dream singing opera. Then, she falls in love with a certain Mr. X. That right there got me into the story. She exchanges love letters with Mr. X until he supposedly comes forward and asks her to marry him. Soon, she discovers she married the wrong Mr. X, except now it’s too late because when she confronts her husband, he has a heart attack.

She goes in hiding after that, never believing in love again. Well, that is until someone from her past appears in her life again. Now, figure who the real Mr. X is.

This was a pretty fun read. It was almost a clean romance if you ask me. Nonetheless, I still enjoyed it even though I like a little more spice in my reads.

Book 2 – Adriana lives in hiding as a governess to a Duke’s daughter. She thinks her secret is safe until the Duke discovers her true identity. She doesn’t want to leave but she doesn’t really have much choice unless she strikes a bargain with her boss the Duke. In the bargain, she discovers there’s much more to lose than just letting people know who she really is. She can lose her heart.

This was another fun read. Yes, another clean romance. Very enjoyable read.