Review: Absolution

AbsolutionAbsolution is packed with sensual tension, action/adventure, second chances, and true love.

Eva is a teacher who, despite her father’s demands to move back to the States, insists in remaining in a most dangerous place.

Joseph is a creme de la creme ATF agent, who’s been forced to stay away from Eva. To his surprise, the same man who’s kept him from her enlists him to protect her.

Eva wants nothing to do with Joseph, her only wish is for him to leave her the hell alone. Under other circumstances, Joseph would do just that, but keeping her alive is his top priority. His second and hidden priority is winning her heart back.

Power of wills clash when they find themselves in the same room, and just when sensual tension rises…their adventure begins.

I have to say the sensual tension in this book was a total teaser. When things started to heat up, gained momentum and I thought “oh he’s gonna…”, “aah she’ll…”, “why can’t she…he”, BANG! Action knocked on their door (literally), then thoughts such as: “OMG run”, “hide”, “get the hell out”, “oh no”, went thru my mind.

I’d love to say more but I’d spoil it. Absolution took me on an emotional roller coaster ride. It ROCKED!