Review: A Season for Sin

A Season for SinThis is a prelude to what I think will be a great book.

A Season for Sin really feels more like a prologue, as it provides the events that lead up to the Earl of Bellingham crossing paths with Laura Davenport, a very pretty desirable widow.

Bell, the Earl, is a scoundrel thru and thru, who happens to be tired of his current Mistress. He’s ready to break the relationship, and mentally prepares for the hysterics he thinks his Mistress will go into. HA! Surprise, surprise… his Mistress is just as ready to break things up with him too. His mind was prepared for the cries and the plea he’d expected but not for this. His Mistress basically tells him “thank you but no thanks”. That’s where his downfall basically starts.

Bell is used to order in his life. There is a time for everything. But from the moment his Mistress breaks up with him, everything that was in order before no longer is.

Then, there is Laura. She’s the mysterious and most talked about widow. She’s not looking for love. She’s more interested in keeping her 17 year old stepson safe. Anyway, that is only true until her one and only friend warns her to stay away from Bell, the scoundrel of scoundrels. Her friend does the same with Bell, and warns him to stay away from Laura. Obviously, that has the opposite effect because it only draws the attention between the two.

When the story finished, I was left with: “What? This is it?” Nothing felt resolved. But then, I went on to the 1st chapter, and THAT there bumped the story to a 4 star rating. I am now looking forward to the real story.