Review: A Most Dangerous Profession by Karen Hawkins

A Most Dangerous Profession (Hurst Amulet, #3)I always enjoy reading Karen Hawkins’ books. This installment was certainly fun to read. It had laughter, blackmail, spies, a bit of tragedy, sensual tension, it was pretty good.

Moira and Robert once loved each other, but due to their lines of work they were separated. After years of silence, and not knowing what had become of each other, they cross paths again. They’re both after the same thing, and lives are at stake. They claim to not want to be around each other, but the spark from years past is still there, tempting them at every turn. Daring them to take a chance. They finally figure out, in order to succeed they must join forces, or no one will get what they need and the lives at stake could be lost.

I liked that the heroine, Moira, always outsmarted everyone that tried to cross her, especially the hero. But once the hero caught up with her and her ways, it was fun to read how she couldn’t easily go around him anymore. She still did, but it was harder than before.

I do have to say, it would’ve been nicer if there had been more of how Robert and Moira had previously met. The story does say so, but their meeting years ago sounds like too much fun to not be in the story. Perhaps it is in a previous book (I may have to search thru my KH’s books and see if their first meeting is in one of them.)

Overall I had fun reading this book. It took me longer than expected to read it and that was only because there is something in it that I personally don’t like in stories (it kind of breaks it for me); however, in this one it did work out nicely.