Review: Hunk for the Holidays

I debated on the rating for this book. Why? I have no idea. The more I thought about it, the more I thought it really deserved a top rating.

Cassie is not like most heroines. Sure, she’s a workaholic but what sets her apart from most is that she’s a total tomboy. How can she not be? She grew up with four brothers and no sisters. And she does in her dad’s company what her brothers don’t. Dating is out of the question for her. Her ex turned out to like her shoes and stockings more than he liked her. Yeah, imagine that! And to avoid getting set up on blind dates, she hires escorts to go with her as her dates to family gatherings. Isn’t she something or what? What’s funny is her last escort turns out to be none other than her worst enemy, but she doesn’t know it because she’s never seen his picture.

James literally stumbles upon Cassie. He shows up for a meeting with her dad, but instead he meets her. When she confuses him for her escort he follows along. It’s too comical and he doesn’t want to ruin the fun. Especially when he finds her clutch is full of condoms. His plan is to seduce her, but not before he comes clean revealing his true identity. That last proves too hard a task to accomplish because a series of things happen preventing James from telling her the truth.

Oh my gosh, let me not forget about Aunt Wheezie. She’s a total riot, and her advice to Cassie is “get naked” because that always works.

I could go on and on but all I can say is Cassie, James and Aunt Wheezie kept me up ’til the wee hours of the night.

I had never read anything by Katie Lane but after this book I am a new fan. This was too fun a read and I could look at both the front and back cover all day. Like I said as I read it: “I want a hunk like James Sutton for Christmas”.