Review: A Holiday Affair

A Holiday AffairLissy is heart broken at her Grandpa’s passing. She goes on a short holiday to try to get herself, along with her thoughts, back together before she gets back to work. In her holiday she meets a handsome wanna be sailor, who sings to her. The enchantment only lasts until she discovers his deceit, then she plays him at his own game only to prove him wrong.

Nick is on his way back home. He needs to finish his research paper as soon as possible so he can go back to the field. He’s a total player. He’s been broken hearted twice, and is not about to make the same mistake for a third time. His mind is about to change when he crosses paths with Lissy.

It turns out the strangers, both Lissy and Nick, were to each other on the last night of their holiday, can be strangers no more. Destiny has other plans for them, and what plans those are. Then they have Tom, Nick’s brother to deal with as well.

Overall, Holiday Affair is a very sweet romance. It is full of emotion. Nick and Lissy do not believe in love; they don’t want to believe in love, rather. Yet, they know there is more to the physical attraction they feel for each other. Lissy wants to try a relationship, even if it is limited to sex only. Nick wants to have a relationship, but he knows it won’t be limited to sex only, and he doesn’t want to lose his heart, yet again to another woman.

Tragedy strikes, and both Nick and Lissy are forced to make hard decisions that will determine their future, consequently.

Again, this is a very sweet and touching romance, perfect for a Friday night or a weekend read.