Review: Reclaimed by her Master by April Vine

Reclaimed By Her MasterReview copy courtesy of publisher via NetGalley.

When I started reading this book I was intrigued but then I almost put it away as to me it made no sense the reason Aria decided to trespass Stephen’s property. I got that she’d ran away after she gave him her virginity scared that Stephen would discover she’d distracted him while her brother stole an expensive painting. The truth was she’d fallen in love with Stephen and it broke her heart to deceive him.

Reclaimed By Her MasterBut now she’s back, eight years later mind you, looking to get back a pendant her mother gave her, because guess what? Though the piece is cheap at best, the sentimental value is priceless.

It turns out somehow Stephen took it away from her, and it never was clear to me if he did it while they had sex the first time, or he found her later and stole it from her.

Anyway, as expected, Stephen finds her in his studio. He taunts her, and gives her ten minutes to find her pendant or she’d have to spend the night with him. This is after eight years of not seeing her.

He still has the hots for her but he wants revenge. So, of course she can’t find it in the ten minutes, he drags her up the stairs to change for the dinner party his mom is having at his house.

There’s some foreplay, she joins him for dinner, then Aria says she’s getting married, which isn’t a truth. He drags her back up the stairs to his Gold Room (you know like the Red Room from FS0G) and the things he does to her are … well … hot borderline abusive.

At first, there’s no safe word, which bothered me. Then he finally gives her one. But this is AFTER he’s already done a ton of things to her. Then he invites his three best friends over to give her as many orgasms as possible while he watches.

I guess some readers might say this was hot, and it sort of is. But there are way too many wrong things about the way Stephen treats Aria. BDSM isn’t about abuse, and I have to clarify everything that happened in the story was consensual–or almost, anyway. Then again, you’d have to read it to see what I mean. Also, there was quite a bit of repetitiveness, and I really don’t think the inexpensive pendant was a strong hook for Aria to take all she took from Stephen regardless of how hot she was for him. All in all, I still enjoyed it. This just isn’t a story for everyone so if you pick it up, you’ve been warned.