Realtors can be relentless

Dear Writing Diary,

It all started with a phone call and I don’t know if I should be mad at myself or at my friend, the relentless realtor. I suppose I only have myself to blame for letting my friend talk my ear out when she called me a few weeks ago. But how could I not hear her out when she said she had a buyer for my house if I was willing to sell?

My house isn’t even on the market, but the unexpected offer and the possibility of buying a new house, bigger and nicer, than what I have was simply too tempting to ignore. Of course, my excitement lasted all of two weeks, when she showed me a million dollars house. It boggles my mind how she thought I’d go for something like that. Yes. I’d love an upgrade but not that kind of upgrade.

Although a new house sounds great, the reality is my husband and I have reached a stable stage, where we can allow ourselves small luxuries and which we’d have to give up if we took on another mortgage. So, we thought, “Let’s not sell and build an inground pool and a jacuzzi instead.” Sounds awesome, right? Not so much after the hefty price tag we got this week, though it wasn’t scary enough to make us not want to shop around for other estimates. But I have to say that this “Let’s build a pool idea” can be a bit stressful.

In the meantime, I’ve given my friend every reason I can think of as to why I rather not sell. In turn, she’s countered each of my excuses with really good arguments for selling and buying right now. She’s so good she invited us out to brunch tomorrow and of course, we couldn’t decline because we’ve been friends for a good decade. But while this brunch with friends sounds fab, I know it is more of a business meeting for my friend.

Trust me when I say it won’t take much to persuade me to look at other houses under the pretext of “just for the heck of entertaining her”. I’ll have to rely on my better other half to stand his ground and give her a firm and final no.

So, Writing Diary, as you see I’ve been busy with life and have written zero words on my new WIP that should’ve been finished by now had I stuck to the plan. Frankly, I don’t even want to start writing anything new, because I’m expecting edits on my soon to be published magical realism book.

Till next time!