Netflix Shows You Should Watch Now

Many viewers, myself included, gravitate to the Netflix shows with all the buzz. Really, why shouldn’t we all?

Well, it turns out that what many people think it’s the hottest show like ever, isn’t really all that hot. Not if you’re as adventurous as me and are willing to check out their international films and TV shows.

Whoa! Have I found some hidden gems in the web that is Netflix? Oh, yes, I have. I’m guilty of having spent a few hours just searching for the next best show, but have those been worth it? Totally! So, why don’t you check these out and then tell me if they aren’t great?

Cable Girls

I love, love, love this show. It released on April 28. It’s set in the 1920’s and it focuses on the lives of 4 women; however, the main character is Alba, who due to circumstances out of her control, was separated from the love of her life 10 years ago. While Francisco, her love interest, became a successful businessman, Alba turned into a thief. The best thief there is, mind you. Her latest stint takes her to the phone company, where she pretends to be someone else to get the job she needs. Only her plan backfires because it is then she comes face to face with her long-lost love. This only gets better after that. I’m absolutely in love with this show.

La Niña

This is gut wrenching. The story is based on real-life events, and it’s focused on Belky. She is kidnapped by the guerrilla when she’s eight years old. Belky offers to go with them so long as they don’t take her brother who suffers from epilepsy. As a result, she grows up without her family and is forced to do things she wouldn’t do otherwise. In one of many encounters with the Colombian army, she and others are captured. I won’t tell you the details of what happens to her then, but it is something that leaves internal and external scars. She eventually returns to society but the trauma of what she went through runs deep within her, so she struggles with the adjustments of her new life. This is one of those stories that are absolutely inspiring. She’s strong and funny. She’s witty and has a big heart. I’ll just warn you this is 86 episodes long, so it’s a commitment to watch.

Mar de Plástico

Like suspense? This your show. It all starts when Ainhoa, who’s very well known in town, disappears one night and no one knows where she went. Then, her head is found in a water tank that is used to irrigate a large greenhouse. The story only gets better from there and it will keep you guessing who the killer is until the end. This is a 2 seasons deal. Season 2 is now up on Netflix, so go binge watch it!


I’m not a fan of Kate del Castillo, but darn it, is this a good show? Her role as Emilia Urquiza, the Mexican President’s wife, rocks. Everyone who plays a role with the government is dirty, and she’s been framed for the killing of her ex-husband who was just about ready to out all the dirty laundry and fix Mexico’s situation for real. She’s running for her life but she’s also worried about her kids. Everyone around her who tries to help her out dies, and it’s not until the end of Season 1 that she finds out who’s behind it all. Now that was SHOCKING.

There you have it. Do you have any Netflix recommendations?