Review: Layers Deep by Lacey Silks

For this week’s post I, once again, had a hard time choosing between all the fabulous wicked romances I’ve read of late, but landed on Layers Deep by Lacey Silks.

Let me start off by saying this book isn’t for the faint of heart. Oh no. Though it is fiction, this story touches a bit on human trafficking, specifically drugs and sex slaves. I’ve seen so much of it on the news and in movies that I could clearly picture one of what I thought was the toughest scene in the book.

The story starts when Tristan is at the police station basically passing out applications.  He needs to hire someone with specific qualifications, so he can save his friend. Everyone would love the chance to work at his company but that is a dream for most. Though he’s there waiting and watching cops fill out the applications, he has his eyes set on a woman. A woman who won’t move a finger to fill out any of the questions in the form.

Allie knows he’s watching her but she has many things in her mind. One of them is applying and getting hired for the job he’s there to offer. Working for him would present her with an opportunity to take matters into her own hands and kill the man who ruined her life. Still, she isn’t quick to apply. She weights her options and doesn’t expect to find Tristan at the pub she goes to after work.

There’s an attraction between the two. Every other word in their initial conversations has a double meaning, and both enjoy it very much. Then, Tristan finally proposes to sleep together. Allie tells him she doesn’t sleep with the boss–except he isn’t her boss yet. The night they spend together opens a whole new world of possibilities for them. Soon, the one night stand turns into a longer affair where feelings get involved.

Layers Deep (Layers Trilogy, #1)Allie soon discovers Tristan knows everything there’s to know about her. He even knows about the guy she wants to kill. He gives her the perfect angle and shot to take the guy down but her darn conscience won’t let her do it. Later Tristan finally tells her what he needs her to do for him and why. They don’t have very much time left and if they miss their opportunity, then his friend may be sold to a drug dealer or someone worst. If that happens, chances of ever rescuing his friend are minimal to none.

Allie accepts. She’s a cop after all and it may not be the first time she goes undercover. While he trains her, they grow closer to each other. The feelings are there and she tries to fight them but who is she kidding? She goes through with their plan, hoping all goes as planned. She has one shot and one shot only to find his friend and Allie poses as one of the young women who have been either kidnapped or lured away from their families with promises of jobs. She finds herself lined up against a wall along with several girls for the men to “see” and to “try” before they decide who to buy.

During that scene I found myself sucking in my breath as I read it. I was tempted to put the book down to take a break then go back to reading it, but I couldn’t. It was one of those things where I just had to know what happened next. Some of the things that happened were just too sad. I could feel how much Allie wanted to blow her cover and scream to the wind she was an undercover cop and put under arrest all the disgusting men, but she couldn’t. Instead, she closed her eyes so she wouldn’t see what the men did to the girls standing to her right and left. It was a moving scene that also made me feel lots of anger to know this happens in real life. Sad but true.

All in all, I chose this one this week, because the story had a little bit of everything. Sex, action, and a bit of humor. It’s just too bad it is a three-part book, which means this one ends in a total cliffhanger! So, if you aren’t bothered by the issues this book touches upon, this would be a great read.