Review: Heating Up The Holidays by Lisa Renee Jones

Heating Up the Holidays 3-Story BundleHeating Up The Holidays is a three stories in one book. The first short story is Play With Me, which is written by one of my favorite of favorite authors, Lisa Renee Jones. The second short story is titled, Snowfall by Mary Ann Rivers. And the third story is titled, After Midnight by Serena Bell.

Where do I start?

Well, I’ll start with Play With Me. Kali is a reporter yearning to find her big break. I mean, where is the fun if the only stories you’re allowed to write are about picnics and other small town crisis? There isn’t none. Not for someone like Kali, who is young, ambitious, and full of dreams.

So, she quits her job and moves to Vegas. Yeah. Of all places to find her big break she chooses Las Vegas. Kali doesn’t have a lot of money and is in need of a job ASAP. Her options are minimal to none, and the thought of going back to Texas, where she’s from and to her old job, is… well, out of the question. No. She won’t go back no matter the cost. Kali goes to an employment agency hoping to find a job quick or else she’d end up living in her car. She’s willing to take any job, preferably a reporting job, but since those don’t come easy when she’s offered to be the assistant to an extremely demanding man, against her better judgment, she accepts to give it a shot.

Damion. Oh my goodness. I’ve always had a crush on Robert Downey Jr., and Damion just happens to be like him. He’s as demanding and controlling as rumors make him out to be, but beneath that harsh façade, there’s a man who’s just good, and sweet, and protective, and everything else. He’s got secrets — how could he not? If you’ve read Lisa Renee Jones’s stories you’d know she wouldn’t have it any other way — but so does Kali.

The moment their eyes meet, the attraction is instantaneous and for them not to give in is pretty much impossible. Of course, it isn’t easy for them to be together because there are bad things surrounding them. Plus, there’s the whole issue with fraternization (e.g. boss and employee relationship) — a big no-no.

As always, I read anything Lisa Renee Jones writes. I know I’m always in for a treat because she never disappoints.  This was an enjoyably wicked read.

Another great story in this threesome 🙂 is After Midnight by Serena Bell. That is lots of fun and sexy times too.