Review: Hardpressed by Meredith Wild

Hardpressed (Hacker, #2)In Hardpressed, Blake’s and Erica’s rollercoaster romance continues. Blake is still battling his need to control Erica’s every move. Erica keeps fighting back for her independence. She’s thrilled about signing a deal to fund her start-up company but Blake isn’t buying it. For one, he isn’t buying Max’s interest in her company and his sixth sense tells him there’s more to it Max isn’t telling Erica. Of course Erica doesn’t see it that way. She thinks Blake is just out of Hardpressed (Hacker, #2)control and needs to let her learn her own lessons.

As her deal with Max falls through the cracks, because guess what? Blake transfers the funds to her account (yeah, how did I not see that coming? [rolls eyes]) before she even has a chance to sign the contract with Max. Blake’s domineering ways drive her insane in and out of bed.

Erica finally finds out who her father is, and the name of the guy who’s been in her nightmares FOREVER since that awful night back in college. Her father isn’t who everyone thinks he is. He’s pretty evil in his own ways. She wanted to know him, but now that she does she starts regretting her decision.

James, her employee, cares for her. She knows it and fights her attraction to him. No matter how attracted she is to him, the only man she loves is Blake. Her relationship with Blake is one crazy rollercoaster. All their ups and downs, secrets, lies, misunderstandings….I swear they got me so tired I almost DNF this book. I mean sometimes I thought enough is enough. Seriously, how many times are they going to fight and make-up, then break-up again. I lost count.

This book isn’t long but it took me about two weeks to finish because it was just too much back and forth I was exhausted at the end of each chapter. I think the next two books are probably the same so I’m giving myself a break and reading something else. I really like Blake’s and Erica’s romance and so I want to finish this series but with all their back and forth I just can’t read it all at once, else I’m afraid I won’t finish the series at all.

Oh and you know what? In book 1 there was some talk about Blake being a dominant. Surprise. It turns out he is an actual DOM. Why is this reading more and more like another improved version of Fifty Shades of Grey? [Sigh.]

All in all, it’s still a good story and I ended up rating it with 4 stars.

Like I said in my review of Hardwired, this is perfect for fans of E.L. James, Lisa Renee Jones, J. Kenner, and Sylvia Day–if you’re not yet a bit wee tired of this NA/Coming of Age trope.