Review: Duke of Thorns is Sara Ramsey’s best book yet!

Duke of Thorns (Heiress Games, #1)I’ve read every single book Sara Ramsey has ever written and I’ve liked them all, but I have to say Duke of Thorns is her best one yet. It’s got a likable hero who’s been escaping bad luck for as long as he can remember, add to that an independent heroine and you’re in for a roller coaster ride.

The Duke of Thorington has run out of luck, and before all his creditors find him and knock on his door he’s determined to marry off every single one of his siblings. The party being hosted in the country but none other than the Briarley’s promises a great future for his younger brother Anthony. The problem is Anthony doesn’t want to marry, and definitely not Callie. One of the heiresses, who also happens to run a privateering company, which is totally unheard of.

Callie isn’t happy about the turn of events and even though she hasn’t been back in English soil since she was a child, she returns to claim what is rightfully hers. She’s willing to marry so long as her husband lets her be and allows her to continue her endeavors of privateering. After all he need not know what her enterprise is all about.

Her manners in English society are not up to par and Thorington decides that if he wants his brother to marry her, he’d have to teach her all the ins and outs of the ton. Callie on the other hand doesn’t care but plays along. One thing leads to another and before they know it they’re falling in love for each other and all bets are off.

I thoroughly enjoyed this story and I’m looking forward to see what Sara Ramsey writes next.