Review: The Girl in the Picture by Kerry Barrett

The Girl in the Picture

The Girl in the Picture by Kerry Barrett is a poignant story of a love affair that should’ve never been. This is one of those books that are hard to put down once you start.

I knew I was hooked when I flipped to page 2. The story revolves around a 150 years old crime that no one’s been able to solve. There are lies and deceit, a failed love affair, and a wife who feels sorry for her husband’s mistress and decides to help her with what little she can.

There are so many twists and turns the reader doesn’t see coming, which makes this book a thousand times better because nothing is predictable in its storyline.

The way in which Ella, the author character in the book, tries to solve the mystery researching every clue she comes across, at the same time as Violet, Edwin, and Frances redact the events behind the clues Ella is researching, I thought was short of ingenious.

I enjoyed seeing how Ella puts her facts together, especially when they are wrong and the reader knows it. I found myself shouting “no, that’s wrong. Edwin did… or Violet went to… or You need to go look in the attic…LOOK IN THE ATTIC!”

Kerry Barrett is a new-to-me author, and trust me when I say I will be looking up her books. Fortunately, it seems she doesn’t have a long backlist I need to read, but only a few. I loved The Girl in the Picture, and I think any lovers of women’s fiction with a dash of suspense will absolutely love this too!

The Girl In The Picture Book Cover The Girl In The Picture
Kerry Barrett

Two women. One house. Centuries of secrets.

East Sussex Coast, 1855

Violet Hargreaves is the lonely daughter of a widowed industrialist, and an aspiring Pre-Raphaelite painter. One day, the naïve eighteen-year-old meets Edwin; a mysterious and handsome man on the beach, who promises her a world beyond the small costal village she’s trapped in. But after ignoring warning about Edwin, a chain of terrible events begins to unfold for Violet…

East Sussex Coast, 2016

For thriller-writer Ella Daniels, the house on the cliff is the perfect place to overcome writer’s block, where she decides to move with her small family. But there’s a strange atmosphere that settles once they move in – and rumours of historical murders next door begin to emerge. One night, Ella uncovers a portrait of a beautiful young girl named Violet Hargreaves, who went missing at the same time as the horrific crimes, and Ella becomes determined to find out what happened there 160 years ago. And in trying to lay Violet’s ghost to rest, Ella must face ghosts of her own…