3 New Movies on Netflix Not To Miss

Photo by Jeremy Yap on Unsplash

Since my last post on Netflix binge-worthy shows, I’ve spent quite a bit of time browsing through the hundreds of shows currently available. Some of them I’ve liked, others not so much. And in my quest to find the next best shows, I stumbled upon a few mind playing films. If you like drama suspense and a psychological thriller here and there, and you don’t mind subtitles, then you might not want to miss these movies.

You’ll also notice a recurring character in all 3 picks. Yes. I might have a secret crush but I promise he’s really a great actor and my picks are totally coincidental.


3 New movies on Netflix not to miss

The Bar

Elena (Blanca Suarez) is on her way to meet a guy she connected with through a dating app. She’s on the phone with her friend swearing she won’t sleep with the guy on her first date as she walks into a coffee bar. She is not sure if she’s at the right place or lost in downtown Madrid.

The bar is full of quirky characters who seem to have known each other for years, with the exception of Nacho, who appears to be someone just like her passing by. Soon after she orders a coffee, an older man leaves the bar and is murdered as soon as he steps outside. Everyone is shaken wondering what’s going on as the busy street is now desolate. A man decides to go out and help the man who’s  dead on the sidewalk. The moment he steps outside he’s shot in the head too. This sets in motion panic among them as they start speculating whether there’s a terrorist among them and who it is. By this time, they’ve forgotten about the strange man who’d run into the bathroom moments before the killings started and who might just have the answer they seek. This film kept me on the edge of my seat.


The Invisible Guest

I actually watched this one on the plane on my way back from Spain. This is about an affair gone wrong. The web of lies the main characters build lead everyone on a merry-go-round chase, where no one knows what really happened the day of the accident. The victim’s parents want revenge and they know the only way they’ll have it is if they take matters into their own hands. Oh, and how they do it is so satisfying, it’s crazy!



Toro (Mario Casas) is an ex-con who’s determined to do good since one of his brothers died during the stint that got him caught. He wants nothing to do with his godfather and has been walking the straight and narrow path. He’s got two more months left in his probation and is looking forward to the time he can take his girlfriend out on a real date without curfews. The problem is his godfather, who’s the head of the ring of drugs and more, doesn’t want to let him go. He’s been patiently waiting for Toro to change his mind but the time’s come for Toro to return to him. This is an action-packed film with mind playing twists that kept my attention from beginning to end.