Tango is my new obsession

Dear Writing Diary,

I should probably take a break from writing now that I submitted my latest manuscript to publishers, and use the time to catch up on my reading. The problem is the ideas rushing through my mind are so loud I can’t ignore them.

So, what am I doing this Sunday afternoon?

I’m researching, oh I don’t know… Buenos Aires, Argentina, and Tango. I’ve no idea where this is going or if I’ll even stick to this idea at all given I’ve already changed it about five times since last night. But while I make up my mind about what I’ll write and whether I’ll use any of the pictures I saved to my Pinterest board as inspiration, I’m enjoying listening to Tango and imagining all the possibilities and the different ways in which I can take this story.

It’s supposed to be a “short” though I’m not sure I’ll be able to keep it below 20k words. I don’t even know what these characters look like, but their voices are screaming inside my head to put ink to paper and write whatever their story is. And while their faces become clear to me, all I’m thinking is that it’d be lovely to learn how to dance the Tango.  Maybe even dare and take a trip to Argentina and go to Ushuaia, you know… the small town known as the “end of the world.” That’d be fun but I doubt I can convince my family to go with me.

I guess for now it’s safe to say Tango is my new obsession.