Review: Coyote Heat

This was a sexy and steamy read.

“Coyote” is a Navy Seal and he’s on leave along with his other friends. He doesn’t know how long this leave will last before he’s call into a mission once more. He’s not looking for love and wants a fling for the weekend he has free.

He finds his match the moment he douses a drink on a woman that takes his breath away. At first he’s upset, but then he makes it his mission to go after her.

Coyote Heat (SEALs On Fire #1)Cori gives him a hard time at first, but when he tells her from the get-go all he wants is a quick tumble she changes her mind and sees him in a different light.

Once they get together, they realize their one-time weekend affair is not enough and are afraid of what the other may think because that wasn’t the deal.

This was a one-seating, and a very enjoyable read. Gimme more Seals please!