Dealing with manuscript rejections

Image result for writingDear Writing Diary,

I had a week from hell at work ranging from deadlines due, covering last minute meetings for my boss, and micro-managing people for not completing tasks on time (which I hate to do because I want them to have confidence in their work). The last thing I needed was not one, but two rejections on my latest manuscript, and then one more for good measure. The imaginary slaps on my cheeks didn’t leave a mark but bruised my ego. What’s new?

I could say I’ve been successfully rejected since 2012, but it wouldn’t be true as I’ve published a handful of works with small presses. Still. I’d love to someday break into one of the big publishing houses. Who doesn’t, right? It’s every writer’s dream, isn’t it? Or maybe not. Heck, I can only speak for myself. The truth is I’m so used to rejection that I’ve learned to shrug them off and move on. This attitude works most of the time. You know? When I’m not having a shit week at work like this past week.

Fortunately, I have a handful of friends who are always there for me when I’m feeling blue. They deserve an award for putting up with my antics and listening to me list the reasons I shouldn’t even bother writing fiction. If I didn’t have them in my support system, I would’ve given up writing long ago.

So, after a great encouraging chat with them, I took a deep breath because guess what? Life goes on. I welcomed the craziness of my day job distracting me from the lingering sting of rejection,  then I treated myself to a bottle of wine and chocolate cake. It’s a new day today and I’m ready (once again) to pursue my dreams. All I see are green lights on the road ahead. Yeah, I just referenced “Green Lights” by Aloe Blacc. 🙂